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Since 1999 The Butler Bureau has been helping domestic staff find work and information in the household help arena. Our latest site revamp has some cool additions - every day, in every way, we’re getting better and better :-)

We want our regular visitors to find new information and help on the site  and to give new visitors a reason to Bookmark us for future reference.

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What do you do when your web site has become the ‘Authority’ site on the internet for all things Domestic Staff related?

Relax? Rest on your laurels? Not the Butler Bureau - we want our regular visitors to find new information and help on the site and to give new visitors, be they employees or employers, a reason to Bookmark us for future reference.

Our visitors come from all over the world. Why not take the time to add yourself to our global map of members below

The most significant change is the new searchable Database of staff and employers - it will take a while for visitors to get used to it but eventually we expect it to become even more popular than the Job Forums which will continue to stay on the site for as long as people keep using them.

While employers and employees can post details of themselves or the job they are seeking to fill; someone posting a CV can actually ‘attach’ a document (e.g. a pre-written resume to their profile) and their photo, which is a nice little feature.

The Podcasts too are new and something we aim to continue. We will also be adding advice on C.V. and resume writing and job interview techniques.

We’ve also started sourcing the internet for articles that are related to all things Butling.

The Butler Blog has been ranting for a few months now and tends to be a more personalized and light hearted look at the Domestic Staff world. You can comment on the Blog postings too. Be patient though as we do vet comments to avoid total negativity.

SO! We’ve gone interactive on you. We hope that you will approve of the new additions.

Yes we know that there are more advertisements than in the past but that’s how we keep this site operating as a totally free service for our visitors. We are also up for a laugh on a regular basis!

What’s on the way?

A Social Networking site for domestic staff - we’re on facebook already but will soon be setting up our very own butbook site:-)

But wait there’s more! Also on the way is our story submission site - Butit. By signing up to Butit you’ll be able with one click to save/bookmark and share your favorite web sites / pages / blog posts with your peers.

If you know how Digg, or Stumble Upon work then you’ll get the idea. If not, well you’ll soon get the hang of it. In essence it will be a place for us to visit to find out the latest on the web re our niche - domestic staffing.

.What else? Crikey there’s loads more - we’re combining the with the Bureau - their web site is a bit Mary Poppins, and full of bugs, so we’re giving them a new lease of life via their own nanny section of the BB site - which is work in progress....

How does that sound?

The Butler Bureau site has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1999  as a simple little page offering links to other sites.

It’s been a weird journey but one that, eventually, has been a great learning experience. We’ve met some great people (and even built their web sites!). Talked to 1000’s and insulted a handful ;-)

But the fact is that with our experience in the butler field, our constant communications with the ‘mover & shakers’ in this area we reckon we have something to say.

Further - we would like to invite you, whether a domestic staff professional or simply a wealthy bon viveur, to contribute to this site. 500 words on a subject close to your heart will get you into our Article Archive ( which might help promote your own web site).

Why not contact us or just send the article.

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