Working on a private yacht cruising the world? Sounds like a dream job and it certainly can be!

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Chefs, stewards and housekeepers (shipkeepers?) can find work as either crew on the yachts of wealthy people or go the cruise line route.

Short and long term boat crew positions appeal to those seeking adventure and finding a way to travel the world at someone else’s expense.

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Yacht crew jobs can range from the relatively informal (most positions require less formal uniforms and so on but the quality of service remains high) to the formality that is more often found in the domestic home of the client. Seasonal positions as opposed to full-time can be a popular option for young service professionals wanting to see the world.

Remember Ari Onassis with his super yacht and Adnan Kashoggi, Rupert Murdoch and of course Robert Maxwell (mind that step Bob!) the billionaires with their super yachts travelling the world?

There are more super yachts on the high seas these days than ever before many of them the size of small cruise ships and they all need crew. Chefs, Stewards and cleaners much the same as any landbound home plus of course the Captain and his crew who also have to be catered for.

A good idea for those considering a ‘life at sea’ might be to get a temporary position on board a charter yacht. Many boat owners hire out their yachts to private clients when they are not using them as the expense of the day to day running of a super yacht is phenomenal and not for the financially squeamish.

Wasn’t it once compared to standing under a shower and ripping up $100 bills?


Are you seeking a yacht crew position?

The first step is to post your details on our database of Domestic Staff professionals here on the Butler Bureau site.

It is a totally free service for domestic staff employees seeking positions worlwide. You can attach a photo and your current C.V. and it’s all in confidence.

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As a domestic staff professional, wanting to work for a super wealthy family or individual, the fact that you can show willing to work on land, sea (or air!) can only help you to break into the world of service providers to the very wealthy with all the salary recompensation and job satisfation that such jobs bring.

Yacht crew training schools often have courses for catering service on board as well as providing the general knowledge you’ll require for life on a ship. Make no mistake, it can be a somewhat claustrophobic environment even on the biggest private yacht, as it can on a cruise liner.

But for professional service staff it can also be a real adventure and, who knows, it might be a job that you end up doing for the rest of your professional career. It is not only a job for the young - but having family commitments, kids or pets, would naturally hold you back somewhat.

Cruise liner jobs are another kettle of fish as they are very much for the younger group of staff as you can be away from home for 3 months at a time. But if it was good enough for the Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain it might be for you too!

We will be adding to the Yacht Crew page shortly. If you have any services to recommend or related web sites that you use to organise your life on the ocean waves  let us know.

PS: The Hutchinsons Agency (see below) is well known for their yacht crew placement!

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