Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets ideas and the meaning of flowers

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Your wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. It’s not just the bridal bouquet, what about the groom’s ‘buttonhole’, the reception room’s floral arrangements, the church and the wedding cake table arrangement?

Are white wedding flowers the ‘kiss of death’ ? Don’t forget the ushers can grab the flowers from the church, once everyone has left, and get them to the reception venue!

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The most common option is to get a professional flower shop involved in creating the bouquets and other floral arrangements for both the wedding and the reception but that is not etched in stone, or dirt!

While it was traditionally the groom’s duty to order and purchase the flowers (they were a gift to his bride) this has, quite sensibly, been taken out of his hands today!

Obviously, types of flowers, arrangements and colours will be dictated by the general wedding theme and not least to reflect and draw attention to the bride and her ensemble. The meaning of flowers too is an issue.

The harmonization of the flowers to the bride’s dress (and that of her bridesmaids) is paramount and flowers are often the element that pulls the various design and visual aspects of the wedding together.

As a general rule white or cream coloured flowers are the most popular (if it’s a white wedding!). White roses. lilies of the valley and the like are old favourites.

Ancient traditions also can mean that wild flowers such as white heather and orange blossom are incorporated into the bouquets, bridal head-dress and arrangements.

In the reception venue it’s important that the free-standing flower arrangements be very tall (or sit on plinths or pillars) so that they can be see by the guests as they are standing and knocking back the bubbly.

There is nothing wrong with the ushers snatching up all the church flowers after the service (maybe while exterior photography is going on) and swiftly transport them to the wedding reception venue prior to the arrival of the happy couple and their guests.

Flowers for any wedding are all about what message the happy couple is trying to convey to the family and guests both. All colors and arrangements have their own suggestive little nuances. We all know the emotional lift that flowers can give both visually and with their fragrance (is that olfactory?)

The meaning of flowers - what do they mean?

Almond flowers -- Hope
Aster -- Symbol of love
Balm -- Sympathy
Bergamot -- Irresistible
Bluebell -- Constancy
Borage -- Courage
Broom -- Humility
Campanula -- Gratitude
China rose -- Beauty always new
Chrysanthemum -- Love
Clover, four leaved -- "Be mine"
Coreopsis -- Love at first sight
Cuckoo pint -- Ardor
Daffodil -- Regard
Fern -- Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not -- True love
Furze or Gorse -- Enduring affection
Gardenia -- Ecstasy
Gentian -- Loveliness
Geranium -- "You are childish"
Hare bell -- Grief
Heartsease -- "I am always thinking of you"
Honeysuckle -- Bonds of love
Heather -- Admiration
Ivy -- Fidelity, friendship, marriage
Jasmine -- Grace
Jonquil -- "I hope for return of affection"
Lavender -- Luck, devotion
Lemon Balm -- Sympathy
Lilac -- First love
Lily -- Purity, modesty
Lily of the Valley -- Purity, the return of happiness
Lily, Calla -- Beauty
Marjoram -- Kindness, courtesy
Myrtle -- Fidelity
Oregano -- Joy
Orchid -- Love, beauty, refinement
Pansy -- Loving thoughts
Periwinkle -- Happy memory
Phlox -- Agreement
Poppy, red -- Consolation
Primrose -- I can't live without you
Rose, cabbage -- Ambassador of love
Rose, red -- Love
Rose, pink -- Grace, beauty
Rose, yellow -- Friendship
Rosemary -- Remembrance, constancy
Sage -- Gratitude, domestic virtue
Snowdrop -- Hope
Star of Bethlehem -- Purity
Sweet Pea -- Departure, tender memory
Sweet William -- Gallantry
Tuberose -- Voluptuousness
Tulip, red -- My perfect lover, Reclamation of love
Violet -- Loyalty, modesty, humility
Violet, blue -- Faithfulness
Wheat -- Riches of the continuation of life
Wallflower -- Fidelity

So for wedding purposes: Orchids combined with Myrtle and Gardenias might be cool - throw in a Wallflower too! Work out your own floral combination....

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