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Big in the US for years, but now catching on in the UK and Europe, wedding favors are a way of saying ‘thanks’ to your guests for their attendance, best wishes and wedding gifts.

Maybe we haven’t quite got the favours thing in Europe yet (especially as we spell the word as wedding favours) - so what’s the answer?
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It's a domestic staff agency list (part #1)

What a nice idea, a gift (favor or favour) for all of your guests (home-made or shop-bought) to say “thanks for coming to our wedding”.

Having the wedding favors linked to the theme of your wedding is the best way forward and the only limit is your imagination. From hand-made personalised chocolates to mini porcelain flowers it’s up to you.

This small memento of your special day are for your guests to take away and consume or use in their own home in the future. How about a hand-engraved cocktail shaker with your names and the wedding date on it?

Alternatively the favors might reflect the cultural background of the bride and groom their hobbies or interests.

Their are numerous companies offering anything you can think of and we feature a few here. However for smaller weddings and time allowing a home-made personalized favor can have a greater impact than something bought in.

Why not give everyone a disposable camera to record the day as part of their place setting and you can buy tins, boxes and ribbons to make your favors look really professional and yet retain the handmade look.

Maybe a time capsule of the day.

Here at the Bureau we prefer a nice Breitling watch with the wedding date inscribed on the reverse, but that’s just us - easily pleased.

Even better: a BMW sports car with the bride and groom’s initials embroided into the upholstery - far fetched you may think but in these days of conspicuous consumption it’s not beyond the realms of possibility!


On the other hand you could get mothers and aunts to do it on the cheap (see above) - always remember it’s the thought that counts.

So you decide. But remember, as you  explain to your long-deceased Granma one day in the future up in heaven, why you chose Breitling watches for all rather than her cookie recipe?

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