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In our constant battle to serve you, our gorgeous visitor, with new content we did a little survey and it turned out that the one aspect of butling that many were unsure of, more than any other, was the valeting aspect.

No sooner said than done! We will be constantly updating this the Valet Section with valeting tips and techniques on clothes care and the like.

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The Valet does more than layout his employers clothes - he cares for them.

This section of the Butler Bureau deals with some of a valetís daily duties from selecting an outfit for his employer - suit, shirt, tie, shoes generally and ensuring that all elements of that ensemble are in tip top condition.

So not only would shoes be shined to a mirror finish but shirt, suit and tie would, if necessary, be pressed or ironed.

Accessories such as cufflinks, pocket handkerchief, watch etc. are checked as personal items fall under the valetís remit too.


Letís be clear: the smartest men in the world are valets and the gentleman fortunate enough to be able to afford their expertise and dedication.

Accept no substitute. A true valet, in either a domestic or hotel environment, takes his job seriously. So seriously that, while happy to be seen out in faded jeans and t-shirt, he would not be seen dead in shoes that were wearing down at the heel or were anything other than buffed to a perfect shine.

A valet will generally check out any gentleman he meets on the quality of his shoe shine. Sound silly to you? OK, but in that case you are not valet material. But learn a lesson here - itís even slightly Buddhist - take joy from doing something to the nth degree whatever it is - a shoe shine or a heart transplant.


Travel plays a big part in the life of a valet. Whether he accompanies his employer or not it is his responsibility to pack ( and unpack) clothing suitable for the trip.

Be in no doubt that there is an art to packing a suitcase, folding clothes correctly and using the correct accoutrements (tissue paper for example). Read our valeting tips for packing a suitcase here.

Quite often the valet will also book the tickets and make the travel arrangements, car hire, hotel booking and the like. A top valet will also provide his boss with a travel document listing departure times, flight numbers and all relevant contact numbers. A valet who does that and does it well is a pearl beyond price!

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