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The arrival of internet telephony pushed us towards podcasts, that and the fact that we like playing with sound FX!

But through the fun we hope you will find some useful insights, not from us of course but from the various luminaries of the domestic service field we chat to....

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It's a domestic staff agency list (part #1)

 “It’s the Butler Show!”

Our first Podcast (Butlercast) featured an interview with Steven Ferry, Chairman of the Institute of Modern Butlers.

That show is roughly 40 minutes in length and size-wise is around 17Mb.

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The RSS Feed button above will connect you to the most recent Podcasts as we record them. The ‘Listen’ button will play the podcast in question.

In the first podcast Steven and Clive discuss:

  • The International Institute of Modern Butlers and its efforts to offer training solutions for both domestic and hotel Butlers
  • Steven’s two best-selling books on Butler Training
  • Butler Salaries

and lots more - there’s even a joke and a small polite rant thrown in! Plus a motivational song from us !?!

Future podcasts lined up will be with professional working Butlers, Domestic Staff Agency proprietors and Butler Trainers so call back often.

If you enjoyed this Podcast (or have a comment relating to its content) do contact us and give us some feedback so we can improve.

See below for latest Podcasts by our chums....

Listen now.....
Listen now.....

The Butler Bureau chats to Steven Ferry of the I.I.M.B.

Steven Ferry interviews Fiona Cameron-Williams [ Head Butler at an exclusive U.S. hotel]

Steven Ferry - we like him!

Steven Ferry currently trains butlers and other household and hospitality employees on the butler model of service in private households and estates, hotels, resorts, spas and private villas around the world.

Author of not one but  two best-selling manuals for both domestic and hotel butlers he is also on the Editorial Board of the Hotel Executive magazine and writes for a variety of industry trade magazines and newsletters.

In 2004 he founded the International Institute of Modern Butlers as a clearing house for information on training in the butler profession, and to campaign the raising of service standards internationally.

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Click to listen now....

Steven Ferry - we like him!

Our interview with Steven Ferry - Chairman of the Institute of Modern Butlers so inspired him that he too has started interviewing the great and the good! He’s much better at it than us we have to admit :-)

Steven’s first interview is with a Head Butler, working in one of the top U.S. hotels - her name is Fiona Cameron-Williams.

Fiona explains how working in a corporate or hotel setting is different from private service and what the pros and cons are.

The personalities involved are very different (for example Fiona has worked for royalty as well as at her current position of running a successful hotel butler operation....) lots of insights here into the world of professional spa and hotel butling.