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Itís one thing having clothes in our own home lying around in piles of un-ironed unfolded messes! Quite another to subject our clients to the same level of silly sloveliness and laziness.

Get with the program - learn how to fold and store clothes properly - pack suitcases for success with our valet tips.

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Fold clothes for storage and packing

Once you know how to fold clothes properly you can pack a suitcase too.

Admittedly learning how to fold clothes for storage in a wardrobe or shelved walk-in clothes-room is not always the same as folding to pack a suitcase to avoid creasing of clothing. This page is aimed at giving you the best of both worlds.

Youíll note that the new look Butler Bureau site is keen on videos as training tools. We couldnít find much in the way of clothes folding fims on the net so we will be producing our own videos over the next few weeks and months: jackets, dresses, formal shirts and so on - please bear with us.


Packing a suitcase video [courtesy of I.I.M.B.]


Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Big Thanks to Steven and Monica for this video

For newly trained butlers, or those entering the profession for the first time from numerous backgrounds I suspect that concerns regarding valeting skills are second only to general etiquette issues.

I hope to add to this page shortly when Iíve had a bit of feedback on packing issues and clothes care generally. If you have something to add do, please, let me know so I can add it to this page.

This method of Folding a T-Shirt takes a bit of practice!

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