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Oysters ! We love ‘em! - do you know how to open, eat or cook with oysters - we do!

From sometimes being the only source of protein for poor people throughout history to being served in the top restaurants of the world - what’s so special about the oyster?

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Drink with Oysters?

  • A crisp white wine, a dry rose such as Tavel, champagne or a pint of Guinness - avoid spirits.
    Everything about oysters

    Before I’d even tasted my first oyster I remember, as a child, being amused by this oyster ditty:

    The Oyster is a prolific bi-valve
    Raises its young inside its shell.
    How it piddles is a riddle
    But it does so what the hell!

    Years later I ate my first oyster and immediately became an addict!

    How to eat oysters

    You can eat  oysters without any accompaniment - traditionally straight from the shell (slip a knife, or the oyster fork provided to ensure the meat is detached completely from the shell -  thenjust pour the oyster and its juices straight into your mouth. Talk about a taste of the sea! Savour and swallow those seawater juices but don’t swallow the oyster just yet - rather press it to the roof of your mouth with your tongue and, as it collapses releasing even more flavour, THEN swallow. Fantastic!

    Here at Chateau Bouteiller we also offer various accompaniments to our guests and let them choose: Fresh lemon quarters to squeeze over , tabasco or chilli sauce, very finely chopped shallots soaked in quality red wine vinegar. Try them all!

    Oyster recipes

    Oyster recipes we adore include:

  • Cooked with a Camembert cheese sauce
  • Cooked in  a champagne sauce
  • Deep fried in Tempura Batter (really intensifies the flavour)
  • We also add them to our traditional Steak & Kidney puddings and pies, and a beef and oyster stew is just fantabulous with some creamy mashed potatoes!

    Opening an oyster ( ‘shucking’ )

    Make sure you have the right implements and protect your hands - wear protective gloves if necessary. Scrub the oysters well to remove all extraneous matter and using your solid oyster knife push the point into the ‘hinge’ or ‘seam’ push hard, rocking the knife backwards and forwards and ‘twist’ to separate the two shells.

    Now run the knife under the shell to severe the muscle or ‘cord’ and the two shells will fall apart neatly. Keep the whole thing level as much as possible to avoid losing the juices. See the video below for similar info......

    How to shuck an oyster

    Where to buy oysters online ?

    For a more - 7 step - detailed tutorial on shucking an oyster click on the image on the left or here

    What do the Oyster Numbers mean?
    #1 = plumpest
    #2 = next size down
    #3 = etc.

    Buying fresh oysters online sounds crazy but visit our Gourmet Food Store ( lots of smoked oysters and oyster sauce stuff there) + a delivery of shucked oysters to your door !


    Oysters and oyster recipes.  All gourmet facts and information at the Butler Bureau