Organising a wedding - use our wedding check list

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We all like a TO DO list and probably the biggest one you’ll ever make will be for your wedding.

Print off our wedding check lists to ensure that nothing has been forgotten - have you booked the church, ordered the flowers and the hundred other things?

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It's a domestic staff agency list (part #1)

With weddings taking place in hot air balloons and on tropical beaches one might be forgiven for thinking that there is little place for wedding etiquette these days.

The fact is that the majority of weddings still take place in a church or civil ceremony venue and the majority of etiquette rules apply  to the pre-wedding arrangements and post wedding reception.

So these rules are useful for any wedding. The most important reason for following etiquette is that it adds stucture to the proceedings and so reduces the chance of a foul-up on the big day.


Whether you decide to use a wedding organizer to do all the hard work (do check out previous clients) or decide to do it yourself there’s a ‘ton’ of work involved.

Many of the organizational issues can be broken down and be the responsibility of various individuals: the bride, the groom, the best man, maid of honour etc.

Nonetheless there has to be someone in overall charge collating all the information and motivating everyone involved to keep to the schedule.

Traditionally this has been the mother of the bride but can be any individual nominated by the brides’s family

Organisational skills are paramount and we certainly recommend a good deal of research to ‘plan the planning’ of the big day.

If you are the nominated wedding organiser just imagine how popular you are going to be if you do a lousy job. Think on that before accepting the commission :-)

Useful check lists and work sheets:

Plan your wedding
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