Foie Gras - duck and goose liver info from The Butler Bureau

Foie Gras ? All goose and duck liver facts and information at the Butler Bureau

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Foie Gras ! What a taste sensation! - Got  a problem with how that foie gras is  made, or think it is?  Read our foie gras facts then decide.!

We are doing nothing here but extolling the virtues of and rejoicing in the  flavour of fine duck and goose livers!

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Drink with Foie Gras?

  • A good dessert wine such as a vintage Sauternes or  similar
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    Everything about foie gras

    Think about this - a bowl of steaming pasta with a dash of the best olive oil thrown on - a quick stir - and then some cubed seared duck or goose foie gras mixed in - it melts into that pasta - sprinkle with some fresh parmesan and enjoy!

    If that hasnít got your juices going itís probably best you leave us now!

    Hereís another Butler Bureau favourite : griddle that fillet steak so itís just the way you want it - plonk a slab seared Foie Gras on top and cover for 2 minutes Ďtil it starts to melt all over that juicy steak - Yum !

    Definition of Foie gras

    Foie Gras is the liver of a duck or goose that has been enlarged / fattened by force feeding a corn mash to the bird via a tube for the last 2 weeks of itís life before slaughter. The verdict as to whether this is cruel to the animal or not remains debatable. In our view when farmed professionally it is not cruel. It is principally produced in France. The term foie gras is french for fatty liver.

    How to eat foie gras

    Consumed on its own with toast foie gras makes for a gourmet snack - as it is so rich a little goes a long way. It features heavily too in French gourmet cuisine where its richness is prized for adding flavour to a variety of dishes from artichoke hearts to zucchini.

    A general accompaniment is a sweet fruit such as rhubarb, figs etc. which can be in the form of a jam or compote.

    Goose liver is used more than duck in top quality restaurants as it has a more buttery texture than the slightly coarser duck liver. It is generally seared quickly on one or both sides in  a hot pan, over cooking will simply melt it away as the liver is so very fatty. Crispy brown on the outside but retaining a pinkish tinge near the center is what is aimed for.

    What are the different types of Foie Gras?


    Make sure you know what you are paying for. Donít be fooled into buyng a pate that consists of only a percentage of foie gras, unless that is what you want.

    Foie Gras Entier is the whole liver and nothing but the liver and can be bought either fully cooked, semi-cooked or fresh.

    Foie Gras - will be pieces of liver molded into a whole.

    Bloc de Foie Gras - usually tinned will be nearly 100% liver but when it states Ďavec morceauxí (with pieces) may contain only half the weight in liver.

    The same applies to Pate de Foie Gras, Mousse or Parfait


    Where to buy foie gras online ?

    The Butler Bureau recommends Our Gourmet Store when buying online.

    If your local deli doesnít stock fresh foie gras it may be that they donít feel there is enough demand for such an expensive product with a limited shelf life. They may though have access to a supplier for a special order so just ask.


    Foie Gras ? All goose and duck liver facts and information at the Butler Bureau