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One site with all you need to fill your next domestic household or corporate position. Just follow the steps below.

Donít forget that the Butler Bureau makes no charge for this service. Weíre just too darned hospitable!

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It's a domestic staff agency list (part #1)

So how can the Butler Bureau site help you find your next domestic service employee?

Whether you are looking for a Butler, Estate Manager or Housekeeper itís easy, free and confidential. Just follow one or more of the following steps (but Step #1 is the most important) :

Step #1

Go to the Staff Database page, register and then post your details - the employee you are after and some information about yourself.

You can come back and edit your details whenever you want and edit or remove the posting as and when you choose. If you have more than one position to advertise please post them separately.

Step #2

Now go to the Employers Board and post another ad for the position. Add as many details as you can (location, salary range).

Donít forget to set a Password (and make a note of it!) so you can edit your Board and Database postings in the future.

Step #3

Next go to the Employees Database and the Employees Board. Do you see any potential employees there?

If you wish to wait for employees to contact you thatís fine but you can get pro-active and contact staff who are looking for work via the 2 options above (Step #3)

Step #4

Now that youíve covered all the bases on the site you can jump to the staff Agencies pages and find one that suits you should you so wish. Or check out our new service here >>>

Bear in mind that agencies charge anything from 10-35% of the annual salary as their finders fee.

But, of course, they pre-screen potential staff on your behalf, prior to your interviewing them for the first time, so saving you time and hassle.

Remember that your personal details, even your e-mail address, are not released to prospective employees when posting your Ďstaff wantedí ads on the Butler Bureau site, Itís up to you when you want to allow employees access to your home address and so on. It does however make sense to state where, roughly, the job would be situated to avoid replies from staff who are, for example, unable to work in the USA.


Our Staff Database and Message Boards allow domestic staff and employers to find and contact each other without any 3rd party help i.e. agencies or staff consultancies and other fee-charging bodies

However we do understand that for many employers this is money well spent as you, the employer, do not have to worry about screening candidates, checking their references and conducting exploratory initial interviews.

Let us find an Agency for you ! Find out more >

Staff Finder Service

P.S. The e-mail you receive from us confirming your account will also include a link to your online profile. You can then add that to any of the options mentioned e.g. when contacting an employee or agency or when replying to a staff post on the Boards.

Visit the Agencies review pages

Not sure about domestic staff salaries ?

As in all jobs salaries vary geographically and for the expertise and experience of the employee.

To get a general guide to salaries and domestic staff duties visit the salary guide page of the site to find out more >> read more

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