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February 17th 2008. 

The Greycoat Academy HOUSEHOLD PLANNER is THE essential support for all private households, large or small, to record all household contacts, day-to-day activities and future plans for the household.

It provides clear and visible daily communication and planning for both the employer and their staff, with a double page for each day. It is a useful management tool offering visible accountability in terms of messages, menus, contacts, suppliers and visitors plus other essential information that may be required on a daily basis.

Each Planner is A4 in size, lasts for 3 months and is able to start at any time.

It has been successfully trialled, designed and validated by those who work in private service and comes with clear instructions and recommendations for easy use.

The Greycoat Academy Household Planner is available at £23.50* each.

To buy your copy now - call + 44 (0) 20 7233 9950

* includes VAT, postage charged extra.
Cheques, Debit and Credit Cards accepted (except AMEX)


February 5th 2008.

For the first time, a permanent school for Butlers and Household Managers is opening in North America. The School is located in Toronto, Canada under the direction of Charles MacPherson

Charles brings over 21 years experience both as Major Domo for one of Canada’s ‘Royal’ families and as the President of Charles MacPherson Associates Inc. which for the past twelve years has offered advisory and consultancy services, placement, residential management software and training to the Luxury Residential market and the Luxury Hospitality market worldwide.

Or visit the web site review page.

More details re the curriculum on our Butler Schools page.

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