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What differentiates the Butler or top P.A. from amateur home help is that they get things done without, annoyingly, saying “ I need your help to do this”.

All top domestic personel need a little black book of useful contacts to refer to when they need third party help or solutions for a client request. Here are a few links from our little black book.

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Domestic staff resources

A mass of Domestic Service information and useful resources  here for employers and staff alike. If you have a helpful domestic staff resource let us know.

All top domestic personel need a little black book of useful contacts to refer to when they need third party help or solutions for a client request.

We feature here some of the resources that our visitors have found useful at worst, life-saving at best.

From online payroll solutions to sourcing the best of the best products and services life has never been easier - the only problem is the amount of help now available on the net so use some of our suggested home help links as a good starting point.

The Butler pantry
Worldwide registry of pet-sitters
The English Shop - Cologne

Far from home and in need of some ‘home comforts’ ? Missing Baked beans or Hobnob biscuits?

Chef Portal
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Improve your C.V. by adding ‘French’  or ‘Spanish’ or ‘German’ under languages spoken - Downloadable programs with text and audio files in easily digestible lessons.Try the online best-sellers:

 Rocket-French Rocket-Spanish
Rocket German

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A Home page for Butlers:

and (for Dutch Butlers) http://butler.startpagina/nl

The Bureau will shortly be adding a list of luxury contractors, suppliers and shops to supplement this page.

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Domestic staff Payroll solutions

For a solution re all your domestic staff payroll and associated tax issues - not just Nannies !

Green Card Issues

Do I need a visa?

Write a better C.V.

Interview Tips

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