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As we have a superbly symbiotic relationship with the best domestic staff agencies around the world we are happy to provide you, dear visitor, with a short cut to finding the staff of your dreams

By all means use the other free applications on the site (forum, database etc.) but if you, as an employer, are looking for a professional to source your employee ......

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It's a domestic staff agency list (part #1)

We at the Butler bureau know just how frustrating it can be - contact one agency? Or two? Or three?

The solution is simple.

Let the Butler Bureau have your requirements and we will contact one of our partnered agencies, the one that best suits your needs. Find ot more >


For employees we recommend, if you have the time, to post your details to every domestic staff agency that fits your criteria. Don’t forget to follow the guidelines on our CV tips pages.

To optimize your chances of finding an excellent position do follow a few simple steps

  • E-mail the agency your details, attach your CV and photo to the e-mail (and link to your profile on our domestic staff database).
  • Ask them whether they would like you to post them your CV and photo for their files as well.
  • Make a point of letting them know the sort of position you are seeking, try and be specific re not only the job but also the geographical area in which you are willing to work.

For employers seeking staff we recommend, if uncertain which agency to employ that you let us help and use our free Staff Finder Service.

The Butler Bureau has contacts with all the world’s top domestic agencies, we are not affiliated to anyone and the service is free.


For Nannies and their employers we have recently added the Nanny Agencies pages for the USA, the United Kingdom and the Rest Of The World.

Further our new web based Nanny Job Finder page shows all the nanny jobs posted from many sites all over the web and the world.

Nanny Agency Pages

Not forgetting, whatever your domestic staff area of expertise, the Free Employer and Employee Message Boards !

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