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Welcome  to the Moonlighting pages. Everyone knows that money can be made on the web but what’s achievable and what’s not? What information can you get for free and what are the essential reference guides to purchase to get you on track?

Here we discuss what’s cool about having a blog and the question - “does blogging make money for anyone?”

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Blogging for profit

The most important rule to remember, when writing a money-making Blog, is this:

“Nobody cares what you had for lunch!”

Self indulgent, vanity publishing style blogging is not where the money lies ( unless your’re Britney or Paris). On the other hand if you are a good cook they might well be interested in what you cooked for lunch - either for yourself or clients!

Because the thing about blogs is that they allow people who like your content (aka posts) to ‘subscribe’ i.e. they’ll be notified when you add something new to the blog.

The other cool thing about blogs is that they are ( or can be) interactive. The visitor can leave comments and input. This is known as Web 2.0 ( getting people involved, in a nutshell). The trick is to find your niche and a subject you feel strongly enough about  that you will add content to your blog(s) regularly and consistently

Make money with blogging?

So how does a blog make money?

  1. Don’t use those sites that allow you to set up a blog that you don’t host yourself! It’s easy to get your own domain name and find a hosting company that has a one-click Word Press blog installation. I use this one.
  2. Which brings me onto number #2. I strongly recommend Wordpress - it’s free, it’s Open Source (available to everyone yet constantly evolving) and has the funkiest add-ons (also free).
  3. Find some free web tutorials as to how to set up your new blog. Find out how easy it is to change the look (theme) and then, once you’ve got a bit of ‘content’ in there then MONETIZE IT! Find out how here...

The simple fact is that the ‘basic’ info on setting up a Wordpress Blog is freely available (see my free Resource list on the right and video tutorials below) but, as I’m afraid I don’t have the time or inclination to write out a massive instructional e-book I can only recommend that you read Rob Benwell’s Blogging To The Bank downloadable e-book crammed full of information, and Rob walks you through the whole process of making money from blogging.

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