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Advanced driving techniques, like defensive driving, can cover just simply improving and honing ones driving skills and reassure clients that they are in safe hands.

But it can also translate as being comfortable driving a heavier armor plated vehicle and knowing how to escape from abduction attempts. So where do you go to learn some or all of these techniques?

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High speed driving -It’s not as easy as it looks in the movies!

While defensive driving can mean being extra aware of all external factors on the road in a day to day situation it can mean more when it is part of a client security issue. So while all drivers and chauffeurs would, in an ideal world, drive defensively few have been taught what counter threat measures to take should their car and passengers come under attack.

Advanced driving too can mean learning how to control the car better, skids etc. and how to retain control when driving at higher speeds. This is the sort of driving taught in many police forces for high speed pursuit.

For the chauffeur or bodyguard looking to improve not only his or her driving skills it’s a question of degree.


For the average driver to get behind the wheel of a Bentley or Roll Royce, armor-plated or not, is a heck of a transition from the average family saloon. Not disimilar to driving a tank!

So how do you get the experience of driving larger, heavier cars or get used to high performance automobiles.

One chauffeur of our acquaintance, now driving for a ‘personality’ in Europe, got in touch with a local limo-hire company (one that had all the top end cars on its books) and offered his services part-time, and at half the going rate, on the understanding that he could ‘train’ himself on every car in their catalogue.

Another security fellow invested some money at his local race track which had a number of high performance cars which trained clients (normally corporate clients) to drive a high performance Lexus or similar. Expensive yes, but he felt it was worth it. The job he has now echoes that opinion.


Defensive driving at the highest level

While advanced driving techniques can be learned at a standard level using the ideas mentioned above to go to the top level of security conscious driving requires access to a course similar to that for Secret Service drivers (for the US President).

There are many private security firms that now provide super advanced driving techniques but generally as part and parcel of an overall bodyguard course. Such driving courses cover ambush escape techniques and offensive driving, using the car as a weapon to escape from potentially deadly situations and are not for the faint-hearted!

Bodyguard courses generally run from $3k to $10k which is a heck of an investment but worth it as the personal protection market gets bigger everday. More wealth = more bodyguards. While there is always room for specialists a bodyguard is expected to be a good driver.

An example of how not to do it, of course, is the Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed accident (sorry conspiracy theorists) a drunk driver driving a high performance car at speed loses control. A bodyguard who fastens his own seat belt but not those of his principal clients is the sole survivor. Treating paparazzi as terrorists, no matter how much it panders to the client’s self-centered sense of worth is not a professional way of going about things, as the results amply demonstrate......

Result of poor driving techniques

“So if you drive a client, especially one who might be at risk, why not suggest that they invest in sending you on an advanced driving course at least, or on a security focused bodyguard course, including defensive driving, at best?”

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Bentley Driving Courses

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