Write a better CV - Resume tips and techniques - avoid being filed under ‘Wastepaper’

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The better your CV or resume the more likely you are to get the domestic job you want?

We offer here a selection of tips and resources to ensure that you get to that first interview and what to do once you have.

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 A poorly presented resume or C.V. is unlikely to be filed anywhere other than in the trash bin!

Remember that your C.V. is not aimed at getting you the job - it’s to get you the interview!

So what are the secrets of writing a good C.V ? Here are a few tips that could make all the difference between you getting that first job interview or not even being considered.

  • Always send a ‘cover letter’ with your C.V. attached to it. We recommend Cover Letter Creator
  • Your cover letter should express enthusiasm for the job offer you are responding to and should be specific as to why you would like the opportunity of an interview for that particular job.
  • The cover letter, the C.V. and the envelope should all be written on high quality white (or off-white) stationery. If you have good handwriting use it when addressing the envelope and in the salutation and signature:

For example:



Yours sincerely,

John Employee


  • Your CV should be just one page (maximum two) so don’t use 20 words when five will do. Don’t waffle! Nobody cares that you are passionate about making pottery!
  • When mentioning your last (or present) position focus on what you’ve achieved rather than just a job description.
  • Don’t include negative details about yourself or past positions be Positive, Polite and Professional.
  • Choose one font  for all your typing and stick to it!
  • Don’t rely on just your computer’s spell-check program - run it by some friends or family to check for spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Attach a good quality upper body photograph of yourself - in your uniform if applicable or a professional suit if not.
  • If you state in your cover letter that you will contact them in a weeks time to see if an interview is on the cards - MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO!

“You only have one chance to make a first impression so make sure it counts”

CV's from hell ....

CV’s from hell:

  • Are on colored paper
  • Include multiple fonts and colors
  • Do not incude contact details
  • Have not been spell chicked twice !
  • Are more than 3 pages long
  • Are full of unecessary waffle
  • Have no ‘white’ space
  • Are not related to the job on offer
Cover letter Generator

Now that you’ve created the perfect C.V. it’s time to get ready for that first interview:

  • Fail to prepare = prepare to fail
  • Do your homework
  • Making the right first impression
  • Combat killer questions

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