How to get rid of and cure garlic breath - Step #1 eat the right bit of the garlic clove....

The Butler Bureau - curing garlic beath
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Welcome to our Butler Tips pages also known as Trade Secrets.

In today’s tip we discuss how to avoid garlic breath by using garlic correctly. Shame that this knowledge won’t be of use when dining out on aglio e olio at your local Trattoria but you could pass this garlicky tip onto Guiseppe the chef!

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Garlic breath? Here's the cure

How can I cure garlic breath?

We all know the problem - bad garlic breath ! Yeeuch! But have you noticed that sometimes it’s worse than others? Or varies from person to person?

Getting rid of garlic breath can be as simple as chewing on a  fresh bunch of parsley (an excellent cure for any form of smelly breath that is digestive tract related)  but better still is to be aware of the secret, arcane knowledge - handed down from Butler to Butler over the centuries - as to how to avoid garlic breath in the first place!

Oh yes! True butlers never have to worry themselves over having stinky fumes emanating from their mouth or pores ( most unpleasant garlic fumes emanate from the pores of the skin!). Not only that they can ensure that their principals too never suffer the indignity of being rebuffed for their obnoxious odours!


So what’s the secret cure for garlic breath?

Easy! Don’t get it in the first place.

Garlic is the most fantastic plant and some countries gourmet fayre would be lost without it. It is a stalwart bulb found in every kitchen in the world: vegetarian, fish or meat.......

But stop, I’m teasing you so here’s the scoop:

The part of the garlic bulb that causes the ‘pong’ the next day is the ‘germ’ or ‘root’.


The Garlic Secret

Cut your garlic clove down the middle lengthways and remove anything that looks like it might ‘sprout’. Younger garlic might show little or no evidence of this - older garlic cloves will have a big green sprout. Either way, scoop it out and chop your remaining garlic in the normal way.

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