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Remember the last time someone showed you a better way of doing something and now you wouldnít think of doing that task any other way?

Well here is our ever expanding repository of domestic service tips and shortcuts provided by domestic service professionals worldwide. If you have a tip for our visitors please contact The Butler Bureau. All tips are credited.

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The Butler pantry

Here in the Butlerís pantry discover the professionalís tips and techniques

Thatís right folks! Some of the top domestic professionals in the world offer pearls of wisdom from their own household service experience.

Steven Ferry - Chairman of The Institute of Modern Butlers writes:

S..Some people do not realize that there are different types of shoe and boot polish. The cream polish for patent leather shoes is one type. But then for regular leather there is a wax polish and a cream polish. I hate to say it, but there are also, now, synthetic creamy type polishes made of some ghastly petroleum product that a) smells awful, b) leaves a sheen, and c) does not polish nearly as well as proper polish.

It is a newer version of the liquid polishes still available, in that it provides a quick way to achieve a shine in the short term. The fact that it does the leather no good and is an inferor shine holds little interest to those looking for a fast effect.

Hopefully, butlers are not of this frame of mind. However, why a wax polish and a cream polish, and when does one use one and when the other? The answer is simple. The wax has better water-proofing qualities and the cream is better at keeping leather supple. So the answer is to alternate wax with cream when polishing a particular pair of shoes...


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