When Butlers or other domestic staff slide off the rails !

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While 99.999% of Butlers do a great job it sometimes seems that the only time we read about them in the newspapers is when they’ve gone off the rails !

Like any profession we have had our bad apples or incompetents - read and learn from these tales of betrayal and deceit, amateurism and disaster.....

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It's a domestic staff agency list (part #1)

A Butler writes:

“I remember when doing some part time cooking and butling for an American billionaire at his London home the Irish Housekeeper told me that my predecessor had been ‘let go’  for taking cocaine with (and having sex with) a willing guest of the owner.

The reason that his Housekeeper arranged part-time Butlers as and when needed was because he and his family would only be in London for a combined total of, say, 60 days per year PLUS his previous full-time Butler had got bored with not much to do and had a Pool table installed in one of the bedrooms at the client’s expense and without permission!”

Lesson to learn: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your boss’s stuff is yours by extension - It’s not .....are you mad?

Got a sorry tale to tell? Let us have it

From assorted contributors who prefer to remain anonymous for obvious reasons ....

Uh huh

Currently featuring in the US courts:  the trial of the Butler who, having read his boss’s business correspondence, bought $600 worth of shares in a company that had just successfully negotiated with the Presley estate to use Elvis’s image and name.

Subsequent value when shares sold? $49,000 ! - “Thank you very much”

Would you have been tempted too?

Lesson to learn: Don’t read private correspondence and if you do so inadvertently promptly forget it! Get a friend to buy the shares :-)

What was the name of the lady, an American socialite ( famous family etc.) who inherited a fortune from her father and left it all, including the jets and yacht, to her alcaholic Irish butler who promptly died a year or so later?

We can’t, for the life of us, remember. Can you remind us?

But let’s not forget Diana’s ‘Rock’ - good old P.B......