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Welcome  to the Moonlighting page. Everyone knows that money can be made on the web but what’s achievable and what’s not? What information can you get for free and what are the essential reference guides to purchase to get you on track?

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Making money online

The problem with recommending products to people wanting to make some extra money on the internet is establishing their capabilities - there’s no point me sending you information that starts withe the words “ On your web site...” if you don’t have a site and have no designs on building one.

Ditto if you’re only willing to invest a few hours per week into your new money making venture as opposed to really working at it. The good news though is that whatever your level of commitment or expertise there are so many things you can do.

In fact there are too many and it’s all too easy to get bogged down in checking out every new ‘magic bean’ that comes onto the market that you never actually achieve anything at all!

Rather than just sit in front of the TV when you’re off duty (or on call) get busy on creating a nice little (or large) second income from one or more online ventures.

Making money with ebay?

 Anyone can make some money selling stuff on ebay, but selling your old crap is simply not the way to go, nope it won’t work, sorry! Unless you’ve an attic full of treasure and antiques - N.B. Don’t sell your employers stuff !

Eventually, even if you find people who want to buy your old stuff, what happens when you’re cleaned out your attic or garage and have no more old stuff to sell? What do you sell next? How much did it cost you to mail all those items across the country anyway? How much did you make?


No! The people that make a LOT of money on ebay do one simple thing - they sell OTHER PEOPLES’ STUFF! Literally thousands of people ( no smarter than you) are making a decent living purely by using the system we recommend here !

What this does is to give you constantly updated access to ‘drop-shippers’ - companies that sell off, for example, bankruptcy clearance sales stock from shops that go bust etc. DVD players, high fashion clothes - just about anything - all brand new in original packaging and available to you at a fraction of the normal retail price

You auction your chosen items on ebay but THEY, the dropshipper, ships/posts it - you carry no stock! Your profit is the difference between the low, low price you pay to the shipper once you’ve sold it at the price of your choosing. Perfect!

If this seems a bit too advanced for you at the moment I suggest you DO just practise selling of your own stuff for a while but learn how to do it properly from the outset to maximize your sales and reputation by reading this book first >>>

Check out the  How To Sell On eBay Video Tutorial (opens in new window) which covers the basics to get you started.

Online trading

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Trading online
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