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The Butler Bureau - for Bangers and Mash !
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Welcome to our easy menus page. If you are ‘in the know’ you’ll realise that being able to produce half a dozen superlative dishes means more than churning out hundreds of mediocre meals.

From Bangers and mash to Welsh rarebit a good butler needs a few food standards under his belt (in every way) ! Comfort food at its best.

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Let’s be quite clear our Butler Bureau recipes are the top, creme de la creme dishes and the ingredients and cooking times reflect that.

We will quite understand if you choose not to follow our recipes exactly but if you do cut corners be prepared not to be deified by your guests. To create a dish that is just perfect is not an easy thing to do - it takes dedication and the Zen-like belief that a potato isn’t always a potato.

Cooking the world’s best bangers and mash

We’re going to step outside the box here and bake our potatoes rather than boil them and, at the same time roast our sausages.

Get your large baking potatoes ( Russet Burbank, Russet Arcadia, Norgold Russet, Goldrush, Norkotah, Long White or Idaho) and bake ‘em for about twos hour or until soft all the way through.

In the same oven and at the same time roast your sausages of choice (being in France I love those Toulouse sausages). For the sausages a long slow roast is best and this fits in nicely with the potato baking.

While traditionally a top quality pork sausage is the order of the day you can substitute your sausage of choice, venison or game for example or whatever else takes your fancy.

Once the potatoes are baked through scoop out the fluffy interior and beat in some sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and butter - a big dollop of cream or creme fraiche too if you are feeling particulary decadent.

Put a great pile of mash on a plate and place the sausages on top and liberally pour over your onion gravy.

Bangers and mash

Coq au Vin

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and a lot more coming soon

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For the gravy, yes, you could use a gravy mix of some sort but a good brown stock, thickened with butter and flour to which has been added a mass of thinly sliced onions that have been cooked slowly to a caramelised crispiness (takes about 30 minutes over a low flame) with butter is the way to go.

You want vegetables too? Well, if you must, some peas or french beans. Real comfort food!

Here’s a more basic version for lazy buggers :-)

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