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Bodyguards have always been part and parcel of the elite world of the super rich but in todays political climate Personal Protection is the new super skill.

Bodyguards and close protection personnel are de rigueur for the wealthy and famous - so why not enhance your skills by getting some training?

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We’re not saying that all Household staff need to be able to offer close protection to their clients but a good knowledge of security issues can only be a ‘tick’ in the right box when you are submitting your resume to a new potential employer.

Evasive Driving techniques if you are a chauffeur for example or simply a Butler who can spot security loopholes in his and his employers environment.

Your clients have retired for the night and you are completing your final walk-round and clean-up of the house before turning in yourself. The breakfast mise-en-place is at it should be and you’ve checked that all windows are closed and that the burglar alarm is on.

As you open the curtains of the Breakfast Room ready for the morning you notice a movement in the bushes outside the window. What do you do? Phone the police? Wake your employer? Go and investigate yourself? Forget it as it’s probably just a tramp looking for a hedge to bed down in for the night?

You telephone the Security Guard at the gate lodge but there’s no answer. Oh cr@*!


Being trained in security issues could help you make the right decision and, since your employer is a super VIP your job (or even your life and those of your clients) could be at stake. What is your optimal course of action? Maybe you should have gone on that security training course after all !

There are plenty of security courses you can arrange for yourself, the other household staff or even your employer. Why not approach the security, protection issue with your boss? The chances are it is something he or she has already considered.

Courses can just be a simple matter of having a security expert come to the house, pinpoint security weak areas and then brief the staff on counter intrusion techniques. Or there are one and two week or more close protection skills courses available but they aren’t cheap!

It’s all too easy to adopt the ‘it’ll never happen to us’ mindset but come to terms with the fact that you are working for a wealthy or famous individual and so there IS a constant threat of kidnapping or terrorist related issues.

Be prepared! It was a good enough motto for Boy Scouts and is a very good one for Butlers too!

We will be adding to the Bodyguard and Personal Protection page shortly. If you have any security, , self-defense or related web sites that you can recommend let us know.

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