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The Voco Butler ClockThe Voco Clock - Your own bedside butler....Find out more....
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A Butler Bureau article

Why do crappy Butlers get all the best media exposure? From front of house to front page the Bureau investigates.

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Wedding bells? Christenings, Cocktails or even Cremations? Whatever the occasion you need to KNOW YOUR ETIQUETTE !

Welcome to The butler Bureau

If this is your first visit to the Butler Bureau you obviously won’t be astounded by our brand new ‘look’. But rest assured that if you are seeking household jobs, domestic staff agencies, or butler resources and info you have come to the right place.

For our returning regulars a nice shiny site to welcome you back with new resources added and lots of new domestic staff issues explored. All the good old stuff is still here - the Domestic Staff Agencies reviews, the Forums for posting household jobs - wanted or offered.

Don’t forget to upload your CV to the staff database (and to Bookmark us too!)

The valet pages
Church's black brogue

Our great chum, Rick Fink - of The Butler Valet School takes no prisoners in this  his superior lesson in shining a serious shoe. We’re not talking polishing. We’re not talking cleaning. We are creating a MIRROR shine!        > more

It's a tie and a good shirt

To dimple or not to dimple.

What’s the best tied tie? Full Windsor, Half Windsor or the more obscure Four in Hand. What about the dreaded Bow Tie ? Can you tie your own, let alone somebody else’s!  Face the mirror (and learn) !         > more

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